If you are interested in making your own tie clips or other souvenirs and promotional items, please contact me at the following email address: info@dopravnispony.cz . I will be happy to create various transport and non-transport products for you.


At this time we can produce for you:

- tie clips (from 100 pieces)

- pins (from 100 pieces)

- key rings (from 100 pieces)

- pins with thumbtacks (from 1 piece)

- pins with magnet (from 1 piece)

- square magnets (from 1 piece)

- carved self-adhesive foils (from 1 piece)

- T-shirts with printing (from 1 piece)

- printed mugs (from 1 piece)

- printed mouse pads (from 1 piece)

- printed window signs (from 1 piece)

- printed bags (from 1 piece)

- printed pillows (from 1 piece)

- printed safety vests (from 1 piece)


You can see examples of our products in the Our Products photo gallery or on our Facebook page.