85 let výroby trolejbusů Škoda

Trolejbusy 2021

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Trolejbusy 2021

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85 let výroby trolejbusů Škoda / 85 years of Škoda trolleybus production

Experience with us the story of the production of trolleybuses with the winged arrow in the emblem. From the first ungainly vehicles through the singing trolleybuses to today's modern machines with advanced electronics. Trolleybus production has been firmly linked to West Bohemia for eighty-five years. Whether Škoda trolleybuses were manufactured in Plzeň or Ostrov, they have always been a reflection of the technical skill of the designers, the current development of human knowledge, but also silent witnesses to the trends of the time and political development. In addition to descriptions of individual types, we will also look at those without whom no vehicles would have been built - many of the Škoda workers devoted their entire professional lives to trolleybuses, and the vehicles with two collectors became more than just a job for them. Their memories will accompany us on our journey through history, as well as many colour photographs and insights into technical documentation. The book is written in Czech and contains abbreviated English version.

The Trolleybuses 2021 project covers the publication of a pair of popular-educational books focusing on trolleybus transport. The authors present the story of 85 years of Škoda trolleybus production and 80 years of trolleybus operation in the city of Pilsen. The two books complement each other and each of them provides a unique testimony about the fate of trolleybuses and their coping with the vagaries of time. The authors have been interested in the history of trolleybuses and urban transport for a long time, have realized many publishing activites and several exhibitions. The publications presented are the result of more than five years of research efforts. For details about the activities of the authors' collective, visit the website www.trolleybuses2021.spvd.cz

Book size: 306 x 219 mm
Number of pages: 368
Compiled by: Jiří Šplíchal and collective
Published by: Společnost pro veřejnou dopravu, z.s.
Year of publication: 2021