Mug with your own design

Product code: sub016Shipping and Payment

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Product code: sub016Shipping and Payment

I can also print the mugs with your pictures. Just order the mug here and send me the picture for printing to Ideal are images with an aspect ratio of 195:100 so that the white part is only around the ear of the mug. In the case of a smaller image, you may want to consider whether you want to center it against the ear or put it on one side or the other (so that a left or right-handed person can see the image). Another nice variation is to have two pictures facing each other, for example.


The photos are ideally of the best quality. Please take into account that printing will always contrast the dark and light areas and enhance the colour rendering of the photo.


The mug has a capacity of 330 ml and is printed with the highest quality technology possible. The print can withstand regular washing in the dishwasher. It is characterised by high colour fastness and durability. It is absolutely health and environmentally friendly. It comes in a paper box with a window.


Mug capacity: 330 ml

Image size: max 195x100 mm

Quality: highest - also dishwasher safe.

Accessories: paper box


It is ideal to send a photo to first and only after fine-tuning to create an order.