SEPA payment from abroad

For payment from abroad, please use SEPA payment in Euros (available for German and English versions) to your account:

IBAN: CZ75 6210 6701 0022 1011 1568


Once the payment is credited to the account, I will dispatch your shipment as soon as possible. Payment by bank transfer is free of charge.



Payment in advance via Paypal

Payment via Paypal is very simple and fast. After submitting your order, you are immediately redirected to the Paypal payment gateway where you enter the necessary details and the payment is sent immediately. Again, this ensures that you will have your shipment home sooner.

Payment by credit card

The absolute fastest payment type. Once you've placed your order, you'll be redirected to GoPay's secure payment gateway where you'll be able to pay very quickly and easily using your debit or credit card. We will know immediately when the goods have been paid for so that we can dispatch them as soon as possible. Easy, fast and it doesn't cost a penny extra.